CO2 Cutting Heads
LT-4 CO2 Laser Cutting - Mirror Cutting Head

LT Ultra is currently developing a new CO2 laser cutting system using high-pressure laser-cuts up to 25 Bar almost without any laser power limitations. In doing so, the usual transmissive ZnSe windows, typically used to build up the cutting pressure, will no longer be required.

The cutting gas is supplied to the process by the special patented copper tip with an integrated annular gap. It is because of this that it is now possible to use copper mirrors, such as direct water-cooled parabolic focusing mirrors, which are then able to handle the highest laser powers without being subjected to the usual thermal stresses. Cold/warm effects are much reduced, and the mirror will therefore not crack.

In addition, adaptive mirror technology replaces the motorized lenses to provide the necessary focal shift. This adaptive mirror can then be an integral part of the cutting head or placed above it. Focal shifts up to 20 mm are then possible with a 200 mm focal length, for example.

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LT-4 CO2 Laser Cutting Detai


An integrated cross-jet (high pressure gas blown across the tip prevents molten debris from becoming attached to or interfering with the tip.) protects the focusing mirror during piercing.

3D Clutch

An integrated collision clutch protects the tip (should the head come in contact with the work piece, then the clutch will prevent it from being damaged as it bends away. The head will return to within 20 µm of its previous position once the collision cause has been rectified.)

The clear aperture of this head is 40mm or 1.5”, its mass is just 2 kg, including the integrated copper mirrors, and it is available with or without the height sensor.